Memorial Congregational Church Welcome's You Sundays 10:00 a.m.
Memorial Congregational Church Welcome's You Sundays 10:00 a.m.

Church History


The Memorial Congregational Church was established June 1, 1874 as of June 6th of that year there were 51 Charter Members. The first pastor was J. Payton Bond. They met in one of the vacant buildings of the Waite Chair Company until they had raised enough money to build their church. On June 28, 1883 the Dedication of the Church was held. In 1898 and addition was added to the building for the placement of the Reed Organ. The Organ was designed and made by the Reed Company of W. Boyalston, Mass. 

The wood in the church is chestnut a rich light brown. Originally the ceiling was stenciled but it was covered up. In 2008 the church was renovated to address structural and visual issues. 

The Reed Organ is one of only 11 still in church use. It was originally purchased for $1500 and is now worth much more. The Andover Organ Company of Methuen restored the organ in 1998 for it's hundredth anniversary. It was dismantled in two days and removed to Methuen where it took two months to repair.l  It is lovingly tuned each year to keep it in prime shape. 

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